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Voluntary Reporting and Compliance 

With climate change impacting the global economy and as more and more governments around the world commit to net-zero, reporting on climate considerations is becoming a must for business. Your integrated and transparent energy strategy needs to be supported by a reporting infrastructure that meets internal requirements alongside mandatory and voluntary reporting schemes.

We will provide you with a clear framework to work to help you successfully implement a sustainability programme across your organisation. Our energy and carbon reporting software coupled with our professional services will help you complete and meet voluntary frameworks and mandatory regulations.

Voluntary Reporting

ECO3's ESG Reporting solutions and our Smart Cloud Energy & Carbon Reporting software helps you meet your ESG Reporting commitments. Our finance grade data is health checked and fully auditable which means that you or we can input data against your chosen framework reporting questions.

Frameworks supported: CDP, GRESB, GRi, SASB, SFDR, TCFD 

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Mandatory Reporting

Our reporting software also caters for Mandatory Reporting such as the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting(SECR), and Mandatory Scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas emissions for UK quoted companies (MGHR). 

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Find out about the latest changes to ESOS
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