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Sustainability as a Service

Lower CO2 emissions to limit global warming and climate change. Concept with manager hand


Sustainability as a Service framework’s broad approach reflects ECO3 Partnership’s commitment to bringing focused solutions that help meet your changing energy needs. The UK and indeed the rest of the world are having to deal with an ever-changing energy landscape that is trying to decarbonise, decentralise, and digitalise simultaneously.

SaaS assists your needs by helping you to grow and transform by providing both strategic and tactical guidance by helping you to measure, manage, and control their economic, social and ecological resources more efficiently and effectively.

Many of our clients report on SECR and  ESOS, Sustainability as a Service helps  keep the cost of mandatory reporting to a minimum by combining many of the common datasets that exist within your organisation.

Our framework provides you with the ability to visualise their entire portfolio of energy-consuming assets, energy consultancy and procurement, this underpinned by our engineering guidance and our smart cloud-based energy and carbon management portal. Our portal is designed to handle and translate “big data” into quantifiable baselines that can be understood by everyone in your business.

These baselines help set up a series of smart milestones that through our managed service offering accelerate your organisation's journey to net zero.

Turning your Ambitions and Thoughts into Action

Helping you achieve and accelerate your goals.


Our raison d’etre is to achieve energy cost optimisation and carbon reduction for all our clients, ensuring they have enough energy to run their business operations and equipment in an efficient and effective manner.

ECO3 Partnership’s Sustainability as a Solution Framework is designed to identify and capitalise on opportunities to increase sustainability and reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions across your entire organisation.


Our SaaS Framework has already been adopted by many of our existing clients and we are experiencing an increasing demand for our services. With climate change impacting the global economy, we feel that now is the time for you to turn your ambitions into action or accelerate an existing initiative.  

ECO3 Partnership is committed to sharing its expertise with organisations looking to set, certify and exceed sustainability and CO2 targets.  Our SaaS framework covers all of an organisation’s energy-consuming activities, buildings, processes and all forms of transportation.

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Screenshot 2022-01-12 at 12.07.24.png

Smart Infrastructure and Connected Assets

Utilising real-time data to achieve net zero.

Our technology and expertise enable clients to benefit from full energy-consuming asset connectivity and optimisation.



Using SaaS as a flexible building engine, landlords and tenants can implement a range of intelligent services that significantly increase the efficiency and useability of the building and the tenant's comfort and productivity.

Once we have fully connected to the building equipment (BMS, controls, gateways, HVAC, energy, lighting, comms/IT) energy savings of 30-50% are possible.


Traditionally, industrial energy consumption has been seen in one dimension as an unavoidable, unmanageable cost of doing business. But, in fact, managing energy is actually a three-dimensional challenge: reducing consumption, accessing lower rates, and optimising use. Fortunately, you can make behavioural and programming changes to use energy more productively.


Connectivity helps you reduce fleet operating costs, improve driver safety and manage compliance. Manage your on-road operation with ease.

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