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  • Steve McKinstray

Managing your business energy more effectively and efficiently

Rising energy costs and ever-changing energy infrastructure are among the biggest challenges facing organisations today. ECO3 Partnership's raison d'etre is to achieve energy cost optimisation for all our clients, ensuring they have enough energy to run their business equipment and processes efficiently and effectively.

​We track the energy markets daily and provide our clients with regular updates so that they can benefit from the dips in the wholesale energy market whilst enjoying a quality service delivery in the process.

Our primary focus is providing strategic and tactical guidance in developing a comprehensive range of services and software that help companies measure, manage and control their economic, social and ecological resources more efficiently and effectively. These services range from consultancy to complete life cycle management and the implementation of industry-leading software.

ECO3's cloud-based energy and carbon reporting software allow you to view your entire portfolio of assets in a single highly informative dashboard. Helping

you track your gas, electricity, water, waste, transportation, travel and many other metrics.

Track any metric, for any building type, from any source, and save costs. It helps reduce carbon emissions and improve health and wellbeing. It allows you to gain further benefits by sharing the results and engaging stakeholders to encourage positive behavioural changes towards energy efficiency initiatives.

Our digital portal also helps capture and summarise energy and carbon emission figures for mandatory reporting, such, as SECR reporting, by providing you with a year on year comparison of consumption, cost and greenhouse gas emissions (CHG Scopes 1,2 and 3) and helping you to improve day-to-day operational control over your energy, water and carbon. Helping you accelerate your journey towards net-zero emissions.

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